From farmers we love to your table.



Local means local

"How local is local?" is the first question we're asked.  For us, it's about relationships (How many times a week do we see them?  How many times a year do we visit them?) and not mileage.  Local means the farmers either visit the city's farmers market or deliver their CSA boxes every week in San Francisco.  We know these farmers dearly, and we hope you have the chance to meet them, too.  

The farthest trips are: from the south, John, Kyle, and Ian of Far West Fungi from Moss Landing; from the east, Nick and Marissa of Cipponeri Family Farms  from Turlock; from the northeast, Toby of Free Spirit Farms from Winters; from the north, there is Full Belly Farms, which is not really near anywhere at all.  To the west, the Captain Morgan embarks from Half Moon Bay and reels in local fish year-round and then Kenny of Two X Sea or Joe of Water 2 Table deliver it to us.  

Most are even closer: Mariquita Farms and Yerena Farms come from Hollister and Watsonville. Tony Mellow comes from Morgan Hill and Sunnyvale.  Straus Dairy is from Marshall. Much of our cheese from Petaluma, Point Reyes, and Sebastopol.  Marin Sun Farms raises its cattle in Point Reyes.

Rosa and Lefett

There are a few outliers.  Five Dot Ranch, part of the seven generation cattle legacy of the Swickard family, moved out to Standish, CA, near the Nevada border.  In Lassen County, Kenny of Two X Sea sustainably farms his McFarlands Springs Trout.  Rosa Desantis grows her unparalleled citrus, grape, and persimmons in Fresno.  Four days a week, she sells her fruit (and hold Yaron's babies) at Bay Area farmers markets (we pick up from Heart of the City on Wednesday, San Rafael on Thursday, and Alemany on Saturday).

In short and in terms of miles... 

CA - google map - circle.png


The "Where" is not reason enough.  Proximity is not the virtue--We are motivated by what proximity offers. 



Delicious. Sustainable. Personal.

We are fortunate to live in what is now one of the great growing climates of the world (more on this below).  Within a 100-mile radius, farmers grow peaches and carrots, grapes and olives, figs and onions, almonds and wheat.  Ranchers raise cows and turkeys, pigs and sheep.  The rivers, bays, and oceans host salmon and herring, sea urchin and oysters.  From this bounty, craftspeople make olive oil and cheese, wine and vinegar.  Our produce crates and pantry shelves are filled year-round with the goodness of Northern California.  

Picked from the farm and placed in in your shopping basket within days, local fruit and vegetables are delicious.  Blood oranges mid winter. Strawberries in early spring. Apricots in late spring. Figs in early summer. Peaches in late summer. Apples in early autumn. Persimmon in late autumn. In their perfect season, from this special place, it tastes delicious.

For sure, there is tasty food--even fruits and vegetables--that come from far away.  And, to be honest, sometimes we miss them.  While shipping containers full of green bananas of unknown origin from unknown farmers might still be tasty, it is neither sustainable nor personal.  

Sustainability means the resources needed to grow, pick, and deliver are a the center of our local ethos.  This is why you'll never see a banana at our Market, nor blueberries in the winter.  And, though local farmers grow tomatoes in their hothouses in the winter, we think it's better to wait until the sun--and not energy intensive heat lamps--warms their skin and flavors their flesh.  And by resources we do not only mean the energy and water.  Genuine sustainability includes labor.  People are a resource.  Among the reason we shop at the farmers markets and visit the farms is to meet the farm workers. 


"Genuine sustainability includes labor.  People are a resource."

Over years of four-times-a-week visits to farmers markets and visits to their farms, and through our restaurants, we've established deep and personal relationships with the farmers and ranchers on whom we rely and trust to grow and raise the finest in California.  Their pictures are all around the Market and they'll visit for tastings (see Events).  

Those faces, those farms, those tastes, and those dreams recommit us each day to doing it the Local Way.  

At Local Mission Market, we are so honored to share the bounty of their passion and toil.  We hope you to come to know their names and await their seasonal specialities.



Direct from our friends

The Farmers, Growers, and Ranchers

Because these deep relationships underly every decision, we source directly from the farmers, growers, and ranchers.  It's not only that we love to see them--We also need to support them.  Through direct sales (and not through wholesalers), our farmers are paid more for their delicious and honest fruit and vegetables, our ranchers for their pastured meat and poultry, and fishermen for their stunningly fresh fish.  And they all need it.   As in many of our choices, the right path (buying direct) is also the tougher path.  We arrange dozens of deliveries a week and visit up to five farmers markets a week.

Yaron's pickup with 2,000lbs of produce from the Heart of the City Farmers Market. 

Five days a week, we go to the farmers markets for thousands of pounds of fruit & vegetables.

Pick up full.jpg












This is what our week looks likes. 


Yaron and his kids head to the Heart of the City Farmers Market and return with ~2,000lbs of fruit, vegetables, and nuts.  

We receive fish from Two X Sea and Water 2 Table, meat and poultry from Marin Sun Farms.  We receive coffee from local roasters.

Mariquita Farms delivers boxes and boxes of their fresh pickings.  Rancho Gordo beans arrive, as does Lundberg Rice.  We probably get some chocolate from Poco Dolce, Charles, Dandelion, or Tcho.  And, yes, more fresh fish.

Yaron and his kids return to the Heart of the City Farmers Market and this time pick-up ~3,000lbs of fruit, vegetables, nuts, and maybe flowers, too.  While he's out, the milks and yogurts arrive.  Then Five Dot Ranch delivers pastured beef.  And more fish.  

Jake, his wife, and their son head out to the San Rafael Farmers Market and fill their station wagon.  While he's gone, Free Spirit Farms, Full Belly Farms, and County Line Harvest deliver.  We also might receive Honeymoon and Humphry Slocombe ice creams.  And more fish.

Mariquita delivers early in the morning.  Marin Sun Farms returns.  And more fish.

Jake and family join the throngs at the Ferry Building Farmers Market and Leslie might head to the Alemany Farmers Market.

And we start all over again.


We are unique for our extensive commitment to local farmers and produce.  

Yet we are more than our sourcing.  It's also what we make. 



We are the artisans

The Market was founded on a truly revolutionary idea.  All markets--from big boxes to tiny boutiques--have always been and still are aggregators: They distinguish themselves by the products they buy, whether industrial or artisinal production.  Either way, the food you buy is not made there and not by people you know.

At Local Mission Market, we are the producers.  We are the makers.  Every day, on-site, in view of every customer and in conversation with you, we craft granola, pasta, crackers, jams, pickles, sausages, soups, side salads, dips, dressing, popcorn, oat bars, marshmallows, and more and more.  



Made by people you know.

Next time you shop, look up into the kitchen and you'll see it filled with chefs of talent and passion.  

As in the restaurants, Jake is the Executive Chef of the operation, and he brings restaurant standards for quality and presentation.  Leslie, the Chef de Cuisine (center), runs the kitchen, and she and her team of specialists and generalists produce a staggering range of deliciousness.  Linsday, our head baker, produces all of our naturally leavened bread.  In any day, Steve might make caramels, granola, kimchi popcorn, and send out catering for offices around the city.  Chris will make three types of fresh pasta, chicken salad, aioli, beef ragu, and hummus.  Elliot is on duck confit, sausages, terrines, and smoked trout.  And more and more.  

These are the people who craft & package food for you.




All of these items are made with the exact same, meticulously-sourced and high-quality ingredients we sell on the retail floor.  

No preservatives.  No additives.  No chemicals.  No ingredients you cannot pronounce.  That's why we put the ingredients on the front of the package.  

Real food.  Made here.  By people you know.



Deliciousness. Health. Trust. Speed.

For sure, it's about quality.  Handmade food made by skilled chefs with fine ingredients makes for serious deliciousness.  We know the food must be righteous and delicious.

We only make local and seasonal products without chemicals, colors, or "flavors."  Because the base ingredients are excellent, we do not mask blandness with salt.  We use salt only to accentuate the natural taste.  This is what we mean by artisinal production.  

All of our packaging is recyclable (almost entirely glass) or compostable.  All of the containers that feel like thin plastic (even the bags!) actually are compostable.  From sourcing to packaging, we take the time and care to make the right decisions.  

Shopping at a conventional grocery can be filled with anxiety of label examination, decision fatigue, and unhealthy options.  Through the restaurants and the Market, we've established deep trust with our vendors, diners, and shoppers so that you know we've made the right choice for pastured meat, sustainable fish, carefully and healthfully grown vegetables and fruit, and properly made pantry items and prepared foods.  

Lastly, delicious, health, and trust are great--yet it is not enough if takes too long or is too difficult to get it on the table.  This is our expanded understanding of Made Here.

From sourcing to packaging, we take the time and care to make the right decisions. 





We believe in great raw products from great people.  Yet cooking--whether a long-braised meat or a quick salad--combines these raw products with a chef's pantry, seasonal and delicious recipes, and some necessary kitchen skills and tools.  We know for you to cook as well as possible, we needed to offer more than any grocery has offered before.  This is what Made Here is all about--the foundation of great cooking and delicious and healthy eating.



The internet is filled with recipes (and we use them sometimes).  And there are hundreds of phenomenal cookbooks (we have a couple hundred at Local Mission Eatery and still more in our home kitchens).  Yet it is a challenge to find the right recipe for the right season for the right timeframe.  So we are doing it for you.

And, even more so with our commitment to local and seasonal eating, we need to do it right. 

recipe sample.png

We partnered with Carmelita and the great team at numnums to build a fully-integrated, online recipe platform with contributions from the cooks at the Market and Local Mission Eatery.  These recipes are written by the pros and designed for the home cook. 

The recipes will be seasonal and relevant.  And the recipes will be quick--to shop for, to read, and to prepare. 

Online and in-store, the posted recipes will only be for the food that season.  

Look for the Made Here Recipe sign, and know there is a recipe ready for that ingredient.

The recipes cards are color-coded so that you can prep and assemble your recipe efficiently and quickly.  Using our the Made Here Pantry, eating deliciously will be faster and easier than ever.





Quick and from-scratch cooking is possible with a skilled knife and high heat.  Though we use both at the restaurants and the Market, we also use a deep and flavor-packed pantry to add hours of flavor in a hurry.  

At the Market, we share the chef's pantry with you.  Roasted vegetables are even more delicious with a dice of preserved Meyer lemons (lemons cured for months in in salt and sugar) or sofrito (caramelized onions, fennel, and carrots).  Meats and fish are awesome when finished with confit garlic (garlic low-simmered in olive oil).  Salads are brighter with pickled red onions.  We cook our stocks for hours to develop deep flavors.  Our fermented kimchi adds umami and delicious funk.  

We want to make it fast & easy

to eat deliciously & healthfully  

When time is even shorter, we have prepared food.  Our fresh pasta with beef ragu.  Braised short ribs.  A variety of soups, rustic and pureed.  Need sides?  Look for roasted cauliflower, brussel sprouts, and sweet potatoes or steamed broccoli or smoked potatoes.  We will always have seasonal sides to complete your meal.

With recipes and a chef's pantry, you are great in shape.  To keep it going, new skills are necessary.  So here we go.




At least twice a week, we will host in-store demos to teach cooking methods to expand your home repertoire.  For $1.  Cooking with and for kids.  Making soup.  Cooking fish.  Roasting vegetables.  Knife skills.  Animal butchery.  We have the teachers.  Let us know what you want to learn, and we will teach it. 

We are so lucky to be close (geographically and relationally) to the great crafters, and they will come with their delicious wares to the Market.

And check in for other awesome, community events, including group runs and cycling, seasonal canning parties, and more.  

Join us for our $1 classes or community event. Taste a new food. Learn a new technique. Try a new tool. So that you cook better food at home.




Well, that's the Local story.  

We hope to see you soon.